Signature Watercolor Tie Dye Fleece Jogger in "Multiverse"

Elevate Your Style with our Exclusive Watercolor Tie-Dye Shop

Dive into the endless spectrum of the spiritual universe with our new "Multiverse" Watercolor Joggers. Handmade with love and intention on every stitch, these joggers are a vibrant ode to the infinite beauty of cosmos. 

These are not you average joggers. The uniqueness of our product lies in the consummate tuning of celestial hues onto high-quality fabric, meticulously hand-dyed by our designer, BracquelB. Imagine wearing the colors of the universe on your legs, a swirling passport to the mystical multiverse.

customize your fabric numbers, to personalize your joggers according to your favorite numerals or lucky digits.

Pairs perfect with our harmonious "Multiverse" Hoodie. The joggers and hoodie together create a symphony of cosmic colors, unveiling a part of the universe on your body- a part that is unique to you and you only. We invite you to join is on this cosmic journey- one inspiring garment at a time.

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